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Shopping Terms and Conditions

Thank you for your interest in our products and services. Purchasers of the products described herein shall purchase the above items from ALFEX (HONG KONG) COMPANY LIMITED (hereinafter referred to as "ALFEX") in accordance with the following terms and conditions:

1. Order submission and confirmation

The purchaser confirms that the terms and conditions contained herein are binding and binding on both parties by confirming the order;

The purchaser is only bound by the terms and conditions of this order if:

This order should be properly completed and delivered to ALFEX;

The confirmation of this order should have been delivered to the buyer and received by the recipient.

2. Change order

If the above changes have been delivered to ALFEX and received by ALFEX, the buyer is free to change this order.

ALFEX shall make every reasonable effort to comply with the above changes;

If the above changes cannot be reasonably observed, ALFEX shall immediately notify the buyer and both parties shall discuss in good faith to resolve any unresolved issues so that both parties are satisfied.

3. Invoice

ALFEX should send an invoice to the purchaser via email after the delivery is completed;

The above invoice should be used as a guarantee for ALFEX, where the item has been delivered to the purchaser.

4. Risk Transfer and All Permissions

The purchaser agrees that the risk and all authority of the item should be transferred to the purchaser upon delivery by ALFEX and receipt by the buyer.

5. Warranty

ALFEX accepts this order and delivers the purchased item, and hereby guarantees that the item delivered will not have a functional problem for twenty-four (24) consecutive months.

ALFEX warrants that the sale and delivery of the items in this order shall be in accordance with Hong Kong law and agreed time in all respects;

ALFEX does not guarantee that its online store will not show any errors and will be available at all times. ALFEX shall use all reasonable endeavours to obtain the availability of the Website as much as possible without inherent defects.

6. Miscellaneous Terms

ALFEX may, from time to time, provide product demonstration services through its authorized resellers. Please contact us for more information.

7. Applicable Law

The above terms and conditions are governed by applicable laws in Hong Kong.

We look forward to serving you.