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Maintenance Terms

Your ALFEX watch has 2 years of original factory maintenance. The scope of maintenance is limited to damage or malfunction of parts under normal use. Normal wear and tear of all batteries, cases, mirrors and straps, improper handling, lack of care, human accidents, negligent handling, damage caused by unauthorized service, or damage to bracelets caused by normal wear and tear, non-waterproof watches Water damage, etc. are not within the scope of maintenance.


For repairs, please bring your ALFEX watch together with your sales receipt and warranty to the ALFEX International Authorized Watch Service Center in your country. For all repairs and services that are not covered by the service, the service center may charge a fee based on the style of the watch and the services required, which will vary slightly in different situations. ALFEX cannot guarantee that the same type of watch parts will be available under all circumstances. If the parts of this type have been discontinued, we will try our best to provide parts replacement with similar value and similar appearance. The 2-year warranty period is calculated from the date of the sales receipt. All repairs or parts replacements made during the maintenance period will not change or extend the warranty period of the watch. Please ensure that the watch is adequately protected during transport and that ALFEX is not responsible for loss or damage to the product during transport.