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Manual for Alfex watch

Thank you for purchasing an Alfex watch

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Water resistance & Maintance

All Alfex timepieces are designed with a minimum water resistance rating of 3atm. the water-resistance of a timepiece protects the movement from dust, moisture, and risk of damage to the movement should it be immersed in water. please see the chart for guidelines for recommended exposure of various water ratings. it is important not to attempt to adjust the position of the crown while the timepiece is in contact with water. water can enter the case causing damage to the movement. wear and care of watches protect your watch against shocks, magnetic fields, strong heat, water and chemicals and against mechanical abrasion. water-resistance according to DIN is a design feature which may be impaired by shock temperature fluctuations, grease and acids (check our instructions for water resistance). make sure that the crown is always pushed in firmly when you wear the watch.

water-resistant characteristicslight spray perspiration, light rain, etcbathing, etc.swimmingskin diving (diving without oxygen cylinder)
3 atm
5 atm
10 atm

end of battery life (eol)

If the second hand begins to jump in 4 second steps, this indicates that the battery will soon be flat. In that case, it should be changed within around 1 week. Please have the batteries changed by a specialized watchmaker and ask him to check the gaskets at the same time.