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We care about the design and detail of our products, the components' quality is of utmost importance. The combination of high-quality components make our time pieces durable and let you enjoy them for a long time.

Here is some of the most important information of the components we use.

Sapphire crystal

We use sapphire glass in our woman and men watches. Sapphire is the most expensive type of crystal. But it is up to three times harder than mineral crystal. Therefore it protects your watch much better and makes it shatterproof and scratch resistant. But this is also a reason you will not find it on cheap watches from other brands.

Screwed case backs

To increase the waterproofness of watches we prefer screwed case backs to just plain snap backs. Just imagine, what do you think sticks better: A screwed or just a clipped object?

Anti-allergic components

More and more customers have to assure that our watches do not create allergic reactions we prefer to use more expensive materials which for example stainless steel 316L, which is also better known as surgical steel. We proudly show this with a stamp on each case back.

SWISS Movements

We believe in the precision and the love of perfection of Swiss Watchmakers. All of our watches have SWISS MADE movements from different renown movement producers.


Our materials are chosen with utmost care. Our leather choice is conforming the Swiss Animal Protection. It means we are not using leather produced in unfair ways. Specifically, we do not use any snake- or alligator skin.