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For 70 years, Alfex, the independent watch company based in the Canton of Ticino (South of Switzerland) has been driven and inspired by design and Swiss standards of quality.

These values are fundamental for the brand and through the accurate research and development of its products, Alfex embodies its slogan DARE TO BE DIFFERENT!

We DARE TO BE DIFFERENT as we offer design and love for details more than fashion and mass production, creativity instead of conformity.

Alfex watches are Swiss made, classical but innovative, and they are produced with high quality components.

Following the DARE TO BE DIFFERENT slogan, for its Basel collection Alfex takes inspiration by the light and its transition to darkness. 

The designer’s concept of light is not only related to the sun, but to the luminous effects, reflections and shapes created when light passes through crystals, translucent objects and colored surfaces. On the other hand, opaque finishings and dark materials are used in some models to represent the absence of light.